Still letting that armband cut off your circulation?

How about that itch, has it gotten any better?


At some point, you’re going to have to find a better alternative for holding your phone during all of your pocket-less activity! There are only a few reasons you could still be using one of those sweaty arm bands:

– You enjoy being seen in outdated gear,

– You like having to contort your neck and arms in weird positions to look at your phone through sweaty plastic

– You don’t mind having to keep armbands from sliding out of place during your jog,

– You like going to stores to replace armbands after the velcro wears out

– Or, maybe you just have an endless supply of money to pay for expensive arm bands that never seem to fit.



Wouldn’t things be much easier if you could keep your phone right by your side without having to strap on that sweaty vein tourniquet?


What if there was a convenient, comfortable way to keep your phone right on your hip, even when your clothes don’t have pockets?


You’d be the envy of all your friends (and Strangers too, sometimes that’s even more important than being the envy of your friends :/ ) , that’s what.


And lets not forget the money you’ll save when you don’t have to replace that old arm band every couple of months!


Joyofapril 1jpg

No pockets? No problem.

Most workout apparel is pocketless, and we get that.

The SlimClip Case makes finding a place for your phone a piece of cake. It’s sleek design is so conveniently thin, you’ll eventually forget it’s even there.

There’s no need for changing cases or switching plastic covers – SlimClip Case is the everyday case thats qualified to protect your phone while you’re in full motion.


“Much better than an armband for me.”

“When I run outside, I almost always run with my phone- usually for music, a podcast and maybe a picture. I’ve struggled to find something that doesn’t flop around or isn’t too big for my arm. You slip your phone into the SlimClip and you slip it right on the side of your pants where the waist band is. I wasn’t sure how I would like this or if it would bounce around, but it stayed right in place. It’s especially perfect for an easy long run.”

-Lindsey Hein

Ditch the Armband!


Get Clippin with SlimClip Case – get yours now at


Join the thousands of people that have discovered the superior solution to securing your iPhone while running or working out.

*Only SlimClip Case comes with a 365 day FREE Replacement Guarantee (a theWTFactory Exclusive)

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