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What iPhones do SlimClip Case V5 fit? 

For the time being, just the iPhone X.
We are planning to roll out Android SlimClip Cases for the Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+ in a V5 version really soon

What iPhones do SlimClip Case V4 fit? 
We make a standard size SlimClip Case that fits 4.7 inch versions of iPhone: iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, & iPhone 6S.
We also make a larger size SlimClip Case that fits 5.5 inch versions of iPhone: iPhone 8 PLUS, iPhone 7 PLUS, iPhone 6 PLUS, & iPhone 6S PLUS

How can the same case fit both the iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and the iPhone 6 versions?
Both the iPhone 7 & iPhone 6/6S are essentially the same size, the dimensional differences are only very small (about the size of the radius of a single strand of hair). The fitting difference is primarily due to the larger size of the camera openings and the different port fenestrations of the iPhone 7 versions.

How does the 365 day replacement plan work?
If for any reason, SlimClip Case breaks or stops functioning properly within the first year of use - contact us and we will send a return label and another SlimClip Case at no cost to you if it's a domestic purchase.

*There is a small fee for international replacements 

Does the SlimClip Case actually stay on while I workout and run?
Yes.  Emphatically, Yes!  The SlimClip Case is awesome at staying on while you Run, Jump, WorkOut, Flip, or whatever else you want to do.
See for yourself:

What if I want to return it because it doesn't work for me?
 This is extremely unlikely if you like taking your phone along with you while you run or workout. That being said, contact us within 15 days of receiving SlimClip Case, and we will send you a return label and a full refund upon receipt of the return.

Will wireless charging work with SlimClip Case V4 and V5?