The Running Gear Guide: Essential 2017 Spring Running Gear

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The Official 2017 Spring Running Gear Guide

The end of winter represents a bunch of things. Obviously, it means the temperatures will rise, the snow will melt, and in about seven months, everyone will start complaining about how hot it is (again).

More importantly, it means that those of you who lean toward outdoor workouts can return to your natural running ground. Of course, you’ll need to stuff  your thermal earmuffs, winter running leggings, and fleece zip-ups in the attic or underneath your bed. But instead of just reaching into the back of your closet for last year’s gear, why not freshen your wear up a bit with the essential 2017 spring running gear?

If you’re new to running, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the gear and lingo getting thrown around by the more experienced runners. You’ll often wonder if you really need everything that they talk about, or if it’s OK to start out with a few of the basic necessities. Fear not! If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve mapped out a guide for our favorite spring running items below:

GPS Watch

After running a few miles, you’re bound to lose track of time. You may even lose yourself, who knows! With a built-in GPS and complex functionality, a high-powered timepiece has all the tools to help you hit your splits. From clocking your time to measuring your steps and precise location, a GPS watch is the solution to a number runner’s problems since it can be paired with your smartphone. Our current favorite is the Garmin Forerunner 630, since it tracks virtually everything —running forward, bouncing up and down, or tossing and turning in bed.

“Running for Weight Loss” App

Instead of taking a randomized approach to achieving higher level of fitness, this app provides a pre-defined training plan for achieving your fitness goals– be it losing 10 kilos in twelve weeks or preparing to run a 5K marathon in two months.

It comes with a built-in audio coach that guides you through your runs and keeps you motivated. It tracks your pace, distance and heart-beat, so that you understand how much calories you’re burning and whether you’re improving with every workout. It also keeps you motivated with tips and inspirational quotes, ensuring that you go the distance and stick to your goals.

Workout Journal

Running, especially when you’re a beginner, is definitely the type of exercise you want to track your progress with. Using a running journal like the one pictured above will help you stay on top of your time improvements and set goals for the future.

What do you get when the editors of the top running magazine put their minds together to create a training journal? The ultimate week-by-week runner’s training guide. Follow their tips to get on track for your next race, and record all your progress here.

Running Socks

Though the brand won’t matter much here, it’s always a good idea to have running socks separate from your everyday socks. Not to mention, ones that don’t have and cozy winter-proof qualities. Try to find socks that are stretchy and breathable since you’ll be continuously moving and sweating. Also, be sure to consider whether you’re a crew, ankle, or no-show sock type of person. Making the wrong choice now will only aggravate you down the road!

Wireless Headphones

Not only are these headphones super fashionable, they’re super efficient. Instead of dealing with your headphones falling out of your ears or sitting weirdly in your ears, switch to these and never have to worry about them feeling uncomfortable during your run. Since they’re water-resistant and perfectly angled for your ears, nothing will get in the way of you, your music and your half-marathon. You can find them here.

Oiselle Running Gear

For the running woman, there’s no better brand of clothing than ___. You know what they say: When you look good, you feel good! From athletic tanks, leggings, sports bras and more, the quality of their garments is bound to improve the quality of your workout. Scroll through their essential collection and put together a breathable outfit for your first spring jog.

The SlimClip Case

If you like having your phone by your side during every run, a SlimClip case puts it exactly there. Want to change the music mid-marathon? No problem. Clipping the case on-and-off to select a song or send a text is as easy as 1-2-3. A running essential for all seasons, this lightweight case is especially handy in the spring. The slim, retractable clip easily attaches to your clothing so you can avoid the added sweat that comes with wearing a fitness armband or fanny belt!




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