get bodied by j and slimclip case

You probably want to listen to music during your workout, huh? 

Of course you do.

Actually, most people do!

The real question here is:

Why aren’t cellphone cases designed to make quick & easy transitions between your jam session and your workout session?

Sure, you could use one of those “fitness armbands” with the “accessible touch screens,” but you & I both know those things are neither accessible or touch-friendly…

Unless you’re a double jointed contortionist, it’s probably much too painful for you to twist your armband towards your face so that you can actually switch up the tunes while you’re working out!

Oh, and let’s not forget the issues you’ll face since the guys at the Armband factory couldn’t manage to get the holes in the device to align with the only headphone port on your phone…

Isn’t that kind of the point?

ale gomez and slimclip case

Would’t life be much easier if the cellphone storage solution for your workouts was equipped with an access point that actually matches the placement of your headphone jack?
If there was a case that didn’t force you to completely remove you’re phone to listen to music, it’d be much easier to get you to the gym everyday!
Plus, it’d be nice to purchase an alternative cellphone storage solution that doesn’t wear-out after just a few uses (like the velcro on your last Fitness ArmBand), right?
Of course we’re right.

We think you should be able to listen to your music during your workout without any limitations; which is why we created the SlimClip Case.

With this case’s uniquely clippable design, you can easily access your phone whenever your iMusic shuffle makes a turn in the wrong direction.



Once you’ve selected the perfect track, just clip it back on and get right into your workout without ever missing a beat!

It’s that easy.

Not to mention that the SlimClip case has perfectly placed headphone ports..

Imagine that!


Increase your workout potential.
Get SlimClip Case Now at


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