What’s NEXT from SlimClip Case? Real SWEAT….

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Not actual real sweat…….

But Close to it!  Our next launch which ironically is just days before our next physical product launch is a digital magazine publication.

Wait, wait, wait
I know, know. Before you say it…..


This isn’t just another’Blog’. It’s far from that. Far, far from being a blog. This is a Real Magazine!

SWEAT magazibe LOGO SWEAT Magazine is visually stunning, entertaining, while educating, motivating, and enlightening you on fitness, health, and physical performance.  To give you the very best we will be interviewing the leading influencers, fitness professionals, and pro athletes to get their insights on health, nutrition, exercise, & the psychology of peak performance.


Here you are on Sweat Journal and you have to wonder what is SWEAT Magazine going to add that Sweat Journal isn’t?  I’m glad you asked.  Sweat Journal is a ‘Blog’ – it’s like a journal of ideas that come to mind, helpful things that we have learned and/or collected for your benefit and/or entertainment.  SWEAT Magazine is a much more that a blog, it truly is a magazine in every sense of the word.  SWEAT Magazine is laboriously created through expert interviews, in-depth research, and beautifully crafted to spark your imagination, nurture inspiration, and to motivate.


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